Friday, February 22, 2013

How does if feel to have lost my Child? By: Valerie Nettles

My recollections of my feelings are that the world was spinning.
A fear inside of me welled up and a denial and an incredulity that this was actually happening that I was actually unable to find my son and nobody knew where he was.

I tried to be calm and philosophical and tell myself “this is just a mistake, it is a mistake, this is not happening and stop panicking, there will be a logical explanation and he will come waltzing in through the door.” But all the time deep down I knew, something was terribly wrong and it was terrifying.

Terrifying that my child was out there somewhere and nobody had a clue where he could have gone.

My world became surreal, like I was in someone else’s life. I felt that I was standing still while the life was spinning around me.

I felt desperate and distraught. I felt totally alone. Mystified. Extremely frightened. Panic. Sorrow. Deep primal sobbing from a place I never knew existed in my very core and soul. Distraught. Lost. Very Very Confused.

I felt foolish going into the police station and telling them my son was missing. I felt like I was watching someone else trying to explain to a not too fussed desk sergeant that my son had not come home.

I was confused by the reaction of the police who seemed unconcerned when this was my child, my son, so why were they not dropping everything to help?


My experience in life never involved any police and I was not prepared for this initiation. I left feeling foolish.

As time went on, my emotions played out and I cried every day, long, deep and primal. I was begging in my soul for this to be wrong. It was not true. I was trying to think of everything that could have happened.

At some point it sunk in that this was for the long haul – which at that time, in my mind, long haul was a few months down the road. Because I was positive we would find out where he was and what had happened soon.
There must be an explanation.
It was inconceivable that we would not find him. I almost did not take part in a documentary which was filmed late in the month he went missing but not due to be aired until two months later - I was sure he would be found by then and worried the documentary would be a waste of time. But the January rolled around and we were still looking for him.

As time has gone on, the deep seated sorrow is still very much a beast within and it has now been 16 years. It has been a long road and at some point I placed those feelings inside a compartment in my soul and carry them with me every day, never to see the light of day, at least not around anyone else. I have learned to live a ‘normal life’ one foot firmly in the present and the other even more firmly in the past.

After 16 years I still am looking and it is my life’s work.

I was offered counseling after a few years, a 10 week session. It did not really help as the therapist was so nice but I did not need commiseration.

I was later given another session with someone who did make me step out of me and look at my life and feelings and helped me to own those feelings and know that they were okay and that I had some control over them. It did help a little.

But 16 years on I am still working through this day by day. Reflecting on the past is part of my daily existence. Living in another time zone now means I have to live in two different worlds simultaneously and accommodate all that entails.

Family and friends:

Initially family and friends flocked to my house, the kettle was always on and there was someone to hold my hand or just sit quietly and keep me company. Eventually and inevitably people drifted back to their own lives as it became apparent there was not going to be a quick solution. Probably about 3 months and then a trickle of folk kept an eye on me. I understood.

I still after all this time have people contact me and tell me funny stories about my son, or how they felt about his no longer being in their lives.

I see his friends living his dreams.
Emotions: Cynical, cold, angry, malicious, bitter, desperate, determined.

How have I changed? Determined; strong; fearless; angry; I was shy and ordinary in my life.

Now I am bigger than life and will take on any challenge that might get me closer to answers I need. I am 4,000 miles away but I utilize every tool at my disposal on my daily mission to find my son and raise awareness of this issue.

I have met some incredible people on the way with family members who are missing.

We have a bond.
Nothing can put into words how we feel but we understand each other. We all come from different walks of life and probably would never have met in a normal life, but when we do we are friends with such a common bond that I have never felt more compassion for.

Without the Missing People organization I don’t know how I would have got through those first years though. I don’t know how I knew, but I was aware they existed and I found them and have always appreciated having them there to help in any way they can.

That first phone call and I felt I was not alone and someone might help me in the right direction or listen to me.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why does it take so long to solve a murder case? By: Sarah Nettles

Usually the truth is right under our noses, but we look straight past it
  Typical Day

It’s Saturday morning, and I have just chatted with my heartbroken mother on the phone. The loss and sadness and feelings of hopelessness regarding my missing/ potentially murdered baby brother, Damien Nettles, continue to haunt her.

She continues, daily, sorting through information she has received about what could have happened to my brother, to find the person(s) that are the center of it all and link all of the facts and all of the different stories about what happened to Damien, together.

Information about what happened to Damien is provided to my mum constantly, and she provides this information to the police, and her heart sinks every time because there is always a wall that she hits. There is always a reason why information cannot be followed up on.

It feels like she is shrugged off, like the information, that potentially has a lead or a discovery at the end of it, means nothing, because its instantly not credible. We continue to battle the question: “Why?”.

Why was information about Damien’s case shrugged off in the beginning?
We continue to ask this question. People say that you have to look at the now and future, and not the past. But in the case of a murder/ missing person’s case, we feel that the events that led up to this point must tell a larger story. We are told by the police, that they cannot change what happened; they apologize for losing the CCTV footage that shows Damien’s last whereabouts the night he disappeared. They try and explain why it took 14 months to release the sniffer dogs to try and trace Damien’s scent. They continue to explain and excuse what happened in the past.

We, Damien’s family, believe that what happened in the past, is the key to understanding what happened to Damien.

The Police

We continue to “harp” on about the police in Damien’s case. We continue to live in limbo as we rely on waiting, and waiting and waiting for responses. We continue to be reminded that Damien’s case takes a second seat to the current murder cases that are happening now, that they can resolve in the present. We continue to have to try and understand and question the reprioritization of Damien’s case. We continue to bring information to the Police, and each time we "feel" that they do not take us or the information we have, or the people we receive it from seriously.

What are they waiting for we wonder? What kind of information will it take to really investigate potential leads? We begin to realize that until someone goes to the Police and say “I did it” or “I was there when Damien was murdered”, then Damien will continue to rot in whatever grave he was buried in, and we, Damien’s family have no leg to stand on.

We have come to ask the question, do they want to solve this case? Is there a reason they don’t want it to be solved? If the people who know what happened to Damien, do not come forward with the information stated “in the right way”, then we will never find Damien via the Police.

We are constantly “assured” that they are working on this, but actions speak louder than words.

We do not damn the police, we do not wish to speak badly of them, but the other side of the coin is, what about us? There is more at stake for us, we have emotions, heart ache and more anger, power and energy to solve this case then 10 police forces. We do not approach this with an unemotional line. We are impacted, affected, and the victims. There are two sides to the story, we are just conveying how it feels to be us.  This is important to be clear on. 

Everyone is entitled to "feel" upset over a situation like this without it being questioned.

Other Cases

Then, we continue to be baffled about the other murder cases out there and what it takes to search for a Childs body.

What is it that breaks the camel’s back for the Police to act? We are told that it has to be concrete fact, but we are not really sure what that means anymore?
Let’s look at the case of eleven year old Moira Andresen, who was murdered in 1957. Her body was never found, she is effectively a missing person.

It was widely believed at the time she disappeared, but perhaps not proven that Moira was murdered by a pedophile that was part of a pedophile ring. The murderer of this child was a known and convicted pedophile. The daughter of this pedophile, who wrote a book called “Where There is Evil” about her father “delves into the case and in doing so discovers that her father was a known molester of children, whose activities were known not just to everyone in the local community but also to the police” (Quote found on .

Given the recent findings that linked Jimmy Saville to the abuse young children over 6 decades, Police knowledge of this information, and the lack of action that was taken prior to his death, now the police are forced to act and finally make an effort to search for poor Moira Andresen’s body almost 46 years after her demise. Is this what happened?

Does it have to be this extreme to finally see action taken?
Remember Stephen Lawrence? To remind you, Stephen was a black teenager who was stabbed in a racist attack in April 1993. The murderers were not convicted until January 3, 2012 (

Why did it take so long to convict his murderers?
Institutional racism has been to blame for why it has taken so long to find Stephen’s killers. One article said, “The pair were part of a group of five white men who were suspected just hours after the murder in 1993, but had escaped justice through police failings and because some witnesses were too scared to come forward.” ( This rings so true on Damien’s case. Those who know are clearly scared to come forward.

So why now for Stephen’s justice? I certainly don’t know, but I find it interesting to read about the “blunders” that existed in Stephen’s case, I find it amazing how his mother fought tirelessly for justice and closure, and I just have to ask why did it take so long to convict the men that killed Stephen, when the proof was under their noses already in 1993? What is it that finally makes the police act?

And the case of the Moors murders, where I see the same themes that we experience with Damien. The families are working tirelessly to find the body of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett, who was 12 years old when he was murdered, after 40 years of searching. Keith needs a proper burial, his burial site has been pin pointed, a rusted spade has been found on the Moors, which potentially could be close to where Keith was buried, and all the family needs is for the police to follow up on leads, no matter what they are.

Why are the police reluctant? What does it take? What will be the factor that forces them into action?
My heart bleeds with empathy and I feel an all too familiar theme, when I read the following excerpt within an article on the subject (

Today Keith’s brother Kenny Johnson, 46 - urged the police to properly investigate the spade.

Minibus driver Kenny said: “The spade is an important find. It has been found at a significant place.

“The professor says it is from that era, so I think the police should definitely test it. I have never been happy with them and neither was my mum. Finding Keith is not on their priority list.

“We still want to give Keith a proper burial.”

Campaigner Paul Gregory, who found the shovel said: “I am convinced it is the spade Brady used to bury Keith.”

But he has frustrated by the police’s lack of interest to what could be the one clue that solves the riddle of Keith’s body.

Terry Kilbride, 57 - whose brother John was a Moors victim said: “It was Winnie’s last wish that poor Keith could be found before she passed away. The police know about the spade but have failed to do anything about it.

What do we (Damien’s family) do now?

We are faced with another unsubstantiated rumor. At the time of writing this blog, we have not had any confirmation one way or another from the Police that this has any truth at all. But we (Damien’s family) need to get this off our chest.

Damien’s family has been advised that one individual, who is due to become a father himself, confessed to two separate people that he was there the night Damien was buried. But so far, after this information was provided to police, nothing has happened, and nothing communicated to us.

This person confessed that he helped bury Damien and was sobbing in the chalet the day Damien was being buried. It was overheard by a witness that they heard someone slap this person, as though it was across the face. This person was sobbing so loud he could hardly get his breath and the same thing happened when he was telling the second witness.

Coincedence that there is a "D" carved
on a tree in the area where Damien was
reported to be buried?
 When the bedroom door opened in the chalet on the day Damien was buried, this person was sitting on the bed. He remained in the chalet when the other people involved, went to the house Damien was stored after he was murdered. He had been put in a sail bag and transported to the chalet so that he could be buried in the corpse in Gurnard.

Damien had a camera the night he was murdered and it was put in a “Rabbits” fruit bowl before he was buried.

If this was you, please come forward. We know it was you, we will make sure that this information comes out, one way or another. It will benefit you, and the witnesses and the other people involved to just come forward now.

Meanwhile we continue to investigate ourselves, to find out what happened to Damien.
Do not ever underestimate a family’s determination to find justice for a missing/ murdered loved one.
Thanks to DNA, modern technology, science,Facebook, thanks to all the new modern age ways to find information, in addition to a determined family, the truth will come out. And we will not stop until that happens.


Written by: Sarah Nettles, Damien's big sister.  I miss you and think about you every day Damien.  You will be found.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Damien being murdered is bad for Isle of Wight Tourism

The Isle of Wight is a huge tourist destination for folks in the UK and abroad. They come to the Island for their holiday to stay at the various holiday villages and on the beach, and there is the huge sailing community that comes from across the globe to participate in all of the festivities that support Sailing and Yachting.

The Beautiful Isle of Wight
(Taken from

According to, "Isle of Wight tourism provides much needed income for the huge amount of varied accommodation providers on the Island, including the many hotels, b&bs, guest houses, campsites and self-catering businesses available to the Island visitor. Also here on the Isle of Wight there is an abundance of superb attractions which also rely on tourism to make ends meet. The term "Isle of Wight tourism" conjures up images of sunny beaches, dramatic coastlines and glorious countryside. The great events that occur on the Island such as Cowes Week and the Isle of Wight Festival also bring in welcome revenue to this holiday destination."

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? So, what happens when a beautiful, serene, tranquil and popular tourist destination becomes a place where murder and corruption takes place?

I have been told over and over and over again, that Damien's murder is bad for Isle of Wight business. Damien Nettles' murder would create a black cloud over the Islands pristine reputation and begin to deter tourists from coming back to their favorite holiday hot spot for fear of what might happen to themselves and their children. Therefore, perhaps it is easier to say that Damien fell into the sea. Or that Damien simply ran away.

Accidents happen right? But murder is less easy to explain away.

Do some of the Isle of Wight men and women whose businesses function on tourism, help to cover up a story about the murder of a silly 16 year old boy? Is it bad for business to have a murder on your front door step? Would it be easier to cover up a murder, and make sure that the real story didn’t surface?

I for one know that Aruba in the Caribbean is a place that will never end up on my top 10 list as a popular holiday hot spot for me. Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful and just perfect for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. But after all the awful events of Natalee Holloway and her alleged murder, Aruba is tainted as a holiday destination for me ... it isn’t appealing anymore.   Im sure Im not the only one ...

Natalee Holloway
(Taken from:

So would that happen with the Isle of Wight? Would people’s ideas and opinions and choices about going on holiday change if Damien was found, murdered? Do business owners have a vested interest in keeping Damien's potential murder a secret? Could this cover up be supported by Masonic activity?

I love the Isle of Wight. It was the best place to grow up. I had an idyllic childhood. So did Damien. I wouldn’t change it for the world! I worked in the Isle of Wight tourism industry from the age of 14 years old. I have utter respect for the business owners that seriously conduct their business in the right way.

But what about those that do not conduct business the right way? Damien didn’t run away. Damien didn’t fall into the sea (Lets remember that the tide was all the way out that night!!). So what happened to him?

Gurnard Chalets - The beautiful place where I grew up.
(Taken from:
Perhaps there are a select number of business men/ women who rely heavily on keeping the Isle of Wights reputation for being an innocent and serene place in tact? Murder is bad for business, and perhaps Damien and his family are suffering because of it?

Is this potential 16 year cover up because of money? Is the Isle of Wight a safe place to live or go on holiday? Is Damien’s story of murder the only one on the Isle of Wight?
Or are there other murders that we don’t hear about because they have been covered up as drug over doses or suicide?

After 16 years of digging for information and finding out information, my beautiful childhood home has become a sad and corrupt place for me. I know too much, and wish I didn’t know as much as I do. But I can tell you that with what I know, I would have to think long and hard before I went to the Isle of Wight on holiday with my child or children. 

But maybe I am wrong?  I sincerely hope I am .... but for Damien's sake and for my families sake ... I have to be skeptical.

For those of you who think Damien just fell in the sea .... think again ... this is not possible.  Damien was a strong swimmer and the tide was all the way out that night .... For those of you who think that he ran away and is out there somewhere .... Damien had no reason to run away, NONE!  He had and has a loving family, he was looking forward to things, and was a happy kid.

If he didnt fall into the sea, and he didnt run away (2 things that are not likely) then think about it ....... what alternatives are there??

Lets remember that this is still a murder enquiry.  What I am unclear about is how Damien's potential murder hangging over the Island is any better than if he was found actually murdered?

If you are hiding this to somehow protect the Island, just know that we will never give up on this until we find out the truth.  So this is your opportunity to remove this black cloud from the Isle of Wight and for our family once and for all so we can all move on.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What happened to the CCTV camera footage with Damien on it?

We hear all sorts of theories about Damien's case, and all the happenings around it. So how about trying this one out for size?
What if the loss of the CCTV footage that Damien was last seen on was not connected to his murder?

What if it was deleted because a married police officer was somewhere he shouldn’t have been that night, doing things that he shouldn’t have been doing, with a woman he shouldn’t have been with?
What if that married police officer knew that the CCTV footage captured him doing those things he shouldn’t have been doing?
What if he arranged for the footage to "go missing" to cover his ass?
Another interesting hypothetical theory, don’t you think? ... The mind boggles ...

All I can think about this theory is that Karma is a Bitch ....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A STORY ABOUT MURDER - with two theoretical endings

*Names have been changed to avoid accusing where we do not yet have evidence

Chapter 1 - What happened before the murder

 “I am still pretty tipsy”, I giggled to myself as I headed down the high street.  It had been a good night out with friends, we had drinks, lots of laughs, and I’m really not ready to go home yet.  It’s only early, I decide, not really knowing what time it is, I just know that I’m not ready to finish the evening.

 I remembered that my sister had said she might be back in town from University this weekend, and I wonder if she made it back?  She would undoubtedly be in the pub with her friends, so before I go home, I will go and check to see if she is around. 

 Sheap High Street is busy and bustling, which is not usual on a November evening and its weird that there are so many police out in cars and on foot.  I wonder why they are all out this evening. 

 “Hiya David!”  

I look over to where I hear my name, and it’s Laura, one of my sisters friends coming towards me.  “Alright, Laura!  Have you seen Suzie?”

“No, David, I haven’t seen her, is she meant to be back?”

“Dunno, she said she might, so I thought I would come and see if she was out.  What are you doing tonight sweetheart?” I awkwardly put my arm around her shoulder and give her a clumsy hug, as I am still a bit wobbly from the booze.   I’m still going to try and pull her, I have always fancied her.

Laura laughs, “get off, you big flirt, I have to go.  If you see your sister, tell her I say hi.”

“See ya later, Laura”, I wink at her and she rolls her eyes with a smile and walks off. 

I think I need something to soak up the booze, I’m hungry, I think to myself.  I reach into my pockets to find the few pound coins I have left and a bit of change.  Ah, well, it’s enough for some chips.

There are a few guys in the Chip Shop when I get there and the smell of vinegar is making my mouth water.  “Good, someone to chat to”.

“Alright mate, you had a good night?”, said the guy leaning up against the wall as he ate his chips with a sly smirk.  “Didn’t we see you get kicked out of the pub earlier when you was looking for someone?” 

I stand in line to get my chips.  “Yea, I was looking for my sister.”

            “What you up to now”, said the other tall guy across from the slyly smirking character.

“Going home.” 

“Had a bit to drink have we?”  The tall guy nudges the sly one, winks and laughs.

“Whatchu want mate?” The guy behind the counter asks me.

“One please.”

“One what?  One fish?  One chips?” 

“Yea” I am a bit nervous about these guys behind me in the chip shop and seem to fumble over my words.

“Be careful getting home mate, wouldn’t want to get into any trouble” I hear behind me as the blokes in the chippie leave.

I head back up the high street to go home eating my chips.  “But wait!”  I'm still not ready to leave yet, I'm going to turn back.  I wish there was someone around that I knew. I could do with a lift home. The rain is pouring and I cant imagine walking home in this horrible weather.  I head back on myself toward the way I just came up toward the bus stop outside the local shop and again, notice the police.  There is a copper sat in his car in the shadows.   

There are a bunch of people at the bus stop, which is good because I want to chat with someone.  I sit down on the bench at the bus stop and there are a bunch of people who were heading back home I presume.   We have some idle chat and they steal some of my chips.   The bus pulls up, and I decide to get on.

“Where you going?” the bus driver asked me.

“I am going to Sheap, please.”

“Son, you’re in Sheap now.”

“Oh yea!” I grin and remember I have a camera in my pocket that I foiund when we were at a party earlier.   I am feeling mischievous and decide to take a picture of the bus driver for a laugh and step off the bus.

“Careful mate, they are watching us!” I shout at a guy parked at the bus stop with his window open.  The guy in the car nods at me and continues to keep himself to himself.

I guess it’s time to go home, there’s nothing to do. 

Chapter 2 - Theory One of what happened next

I’m definitely not gonna walk along the seafront to get home, I decide.   The wind is strong and the rain pelts my face this evening.  The waves crash over the side of the seafront wall and I am soaked already.  I would be mad to take the seafront route.  So I head up Moon Hill past the park and along Raring Street.  I am able to shelter myself from the rain somewhat by walking down the rural streets as I am protected by the houses.

It takes me about 20 minutes to get home, but I decide that instead of going home, I still was not ready to finish the night.  So I will go up to Bernard Vines holiday village to stop and see a mate that works and lives up there.  There’s no doubt in my mind that he would be up at the moment.  So I walk past my house and continue on down toward the seafront so that I can go back up the hill into the village.

 “Oi” I hear someone shouting in my direction from behind me just as I was about to make it up the hill toward the village.  I look around behind me.    

Wiping the rain from my eyes and forehead I look ahead and see a chalet on the corner, where I think the voice is coming from.  “Maybe I know them, brilliant, about time I saw someone I knew that was still up.”, so I walk over.  

 I look harder into front garden of the chalet and see several guys looking back at me, and a plume of smoke coming from their direction.  The smell of marijuana is strong.

“What you fackin lookin at, mate?  You wan’ a kickin?”

Oh god, here we go.  I don’t know them.

The rain has let up a bit and I can clearly see him as he starts walking toward me shouting and jutting his chest out.  This is going to be a fight.  

It is late now, I’m tired.  I don’t want to deal with this.   I just want to have some fun, that’s all.

He pushes me. I can just about see wildness in his eyes.  He lunges his fist toward me and it catches my jaw with full force.  My head snaps back and I try and catch my balance but fall on my side.  The other guys are also coming towards me.  The wild eyed guy kicks my stomach and the wave of pain consumes me.   I begin to feel weak and limp and I whimper in pain.  The last thing I remember is receiving a blow to the head.  And then darkness. 


“Oh fuck, Mark, what did you do?!”

Mark wasn’t sure why he decided to give this kid a kicking.   The drugs had made him itchy, and this kid came walking up towards them, and it made him feel paranoid and he saw red and reacted.  

“Fuck Mark! Fuck Fuck Fuck!, I think he is dead Mark.”  Pete was looking down at the kid in panic.

“Calm down Pete”.  Norman had watched Mark kick this kid in the head and watched the tall, lanky boy go limp.   He bent over and picked up the boys wrist.  “He’s fuckin dead.” He looked at his friend Mark who was still breathing heavily and fast and staring at the kid on the floor. 

 Both Mark and Pete were obviously in a state of shock, so Norman took control.  He looked around them and realized that they had better act quickly in case someone in one of the houses on the seafront started to take notice of what was happening.   “Mark, Pete, grab his feet….. Now!”

Mark and Pete grabbed his feet and they got the kid into the chalet.   They lay the boy in the middle of the living room and panic started to really sink in. 

“What are we going to do with him Norman?” Pete looked to Norman for a decision, it was obvious that Pete wasn’t going to be able to take control of this.   Mark was still quiet and looking at the floor with a pale expression.   He had blood on his shirt.

“We need something to wrap him up in, what do you have here?”  

“Like what?” Pete questioned.

“Something sturdy, something we can bury him in.”

“Bury him? What the fuck Norm?”  

“Well, what do you want to do, call the cops?” Norman snapped.

            Mark began to come back to the situation. “No Police.  A sail bag.  That’s what we need.  My mate Eddie and I was talking this one time about what we would put a body in for a laugh, and we talked about a sail bag.  They are sturdy.”  

            “Where do we get one of them, Mark?” Pete asked. 

            “I’ve got one at my place.” Norman advised.  

            The three men got in the car and drove in silence to Norman’s house to grab the bag and head back to the chalet where the boy lay on the floor of the living room.

            When they got back to the chalet, they buried the body across the road in the wooded copse area in the bag.  

            For 15 years, every now and then Mark walks up to the wooded area where David lays, to make sure that the area is still covered and there is no evidence.  He has watched the news about David for years and knows that it’s David that he killed and buried that night.   He knows that the sail bag that he was buried in has probably preserved the kid somewhat and if he was ever found, the kid would be identified no problem.  But until that day, he walks free.    

         No one knows what they did that night.  Over the years, Norman and Pete died from drug overdoses, and the only person that carries the secret is Mark.  He is the only one that knows …. And at this point is pretty confident that no one ever will…..

Chapter 3 - Theory Two of what happened next

As I walk back through the high street towards home I start to think about my friend Duncan, who recently confided in me that, his step dad had raped him as well as his own daughter.  It infuriated me when he told me about this, and my first reaction was to step in and do something.  I couldn’t let this go on without saying something.  But perhaps I took it too far when I called Duncan’s step dad up and told him to leave them alone or he would tell someone what he was doing.  

I remembered the voice on the other end of the line.  “Who is this?”

“It doesn’t matter.” I had said, “Just leave Duncan alone, and I won’t have to tell anyone what you have been doing.”  I think I am the only one that Duncan has told, so I really hope I don’t get him in trouble, and I hope they don’t realize it was me that called.

Duncan told me the daughter was paid not to talk, but the step son would not take money, so I felt like he wanted someone to expose his step dad, so I did.

I head back up the high street to go home still eating my chips.  

“Oi!  Davo”

I hear a voice from down one of the ally ways.  I squint my eyes to see who it is in the dark and walk closer.

“Hello?  Who’s that?” They obviously knew me.

“Come ere mate.” The voice was male

I could see the shadowy figure a bit more clearly now but didn't recognize him. The man reached out, and grabbed me.  My chips flew in the air as the man spun me around so my back was facing him and his arm was around my neck.

“I’ve ‘erd you’ve been talking out of turn mate?  Getting a bit nosey about things that aint your business.”
I’m confused, what is happening??  The last thing I feel is electricity pulsing through my neck and causing me to go rigid.  Then darkness.


Norman O’Shea waited in the darkness for David to walk past.  This would be the best way to take him by surprise. 

Bob Lampson had hired Norman to ID David that night, as he knew the loud mouth kid from past dealings where David ran some drugs for him.  This kid became a nuisance when he had a bit of booze in his system, and he talked a bit too much about things he shouldn’t. Bob told Norman that David needed to be silenced and needed him to find the kid and bring him to Parkhurt forest and make sure he stays quiet.

Norman didn’t ask what the reason was.  Bob was a pretty successful and wealthy businessman on the Isle of Blacke where they lived and he had power, connections and Norman was sure he had his reasons.  But Norman also owed Bob a favor, as Bob had a few secrets of Normans that he needed to be kept secret, and so he was almost obligated to do what he was told and get this job done.   Besides, Bob was a Freemason and had close ties with Norman’s father, and he didn’t want his dad to end up indebted to Norman because of what he owed him.

He decided the first thing he would do, was use his Tazer to knock him out, and then get him into the red Jeep that was owned by one of the other guys that was instructed to come up and pick up the body from down town in his Jeep.  

David started walking past where he was stood in an ally way waiting for him and he shouted out at him.  In his experience, Norman knew David would come over to him and see who it was.  The kid was way too trusting and na├»ve.   He grabbed David at the first opportunity, put thee tazer to his neck and the kid passed out in his arms.  Norman dragged David through the ally way where the red Jeep was waiting and put David in the trunk.

“Let’s go.” Norman said to the other guy driving the Jeep.  Norman didn’t know who this guy was that he was carrying out the job with but he looked scared.  They just knew they had to head to the Forest where there would be a couple of other fellas waiting for them.

They got to the Forest, in a remote area just off of a parking lot. The other guys were waiting at the area that Bob had told them to go. 

One of the kids, Carl, had been sent to dig the grave and he was white as a sheet and shaking like a pussy when Norman arrived.  There were two other guys who looked like professionals,  looked like ex military men.  They had spoken to David that night in the chip shop before they went up to the Forest to supervise the job.  They were sent to make sure the job was done right.

“Where’s the hole?” Norman said to Carl.

Carl pointed to the area where he had obviously spent a while digging a trench. He looked sick and sweat was pouring from his forehead. 

“Ok, I will get the body, I need some help.”  Norman was almost amused as he saw that Carl’s look of sheer terror washed away slightly, and Norman was sure that Carl thought he was digging his own grave.  

 He was probably another idiot that Bob Lampson had secrets over or that owed him money or favors.

They grabbed the kid from the back of the trunk.  He was still limp and unconscious, which Norman was glad about, because he wasn’t sure that he could do this if the kid was awake a talking.

They lay him in the hole in the ground, and Norman pulled out a gun that he had been given to use.  He shot the kid in the head and it was obvious that David died instantly.

“Ok, we have to be quick, let’s cover him up”, the men cover up the kids body, and they go their separate ways.  

They didn’t know each other until that night, and wouldn’t speak again about this incident or any other again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Isle of Wight - Is David Icke so wrong? By: Sarah Nettles

I was never the conspiracy theorist type, but as we progress through Damien's case with the stance that we will not ever let this go, one has to begin to wonder.
Let me just say that the Isle of Wight for me was the best place to grow up, I have an undying love for the island and I always think fondly of it. It is my home. Its where I grew up. It will always be in my heart. But I think there is another side of it that I never could have comprehended.
The majority of folks, as far as I am aware, discount David Icke's theories about the Isle of Wight. But in the past 15-16 years, I can not discount any of them.
In reading this article that David Icke wrote:
He mentions several things that hit home, especially in light of the stories and information I have learned during the course of Damien's case.
He says: "Freemasonry is at the centre of what is known locally as the 'Island Mafia'."
What if there is this thing called the "Island Mafia"? What if there are a set group of men and women who have each other’s backs covered? The Island is so small, and everyone grew up with everyone else.
It makes me wonder about whether the theories around the police and Damien's disappearance have some substance to them. The day that Damien was reported missing, my mother was constantly dismissed. There was a major police presence the night Damien went missing, yet there are no statements taken from any police on duty that night.
We had Damien's locations pin pointed the night he went missing on CCTV footage, and all the goings on in Cowes High Street that night, but the CCTV footage was mysteriously deleted whilst in police custody..... Why would significant evidence be deleted?
He also goes on to say: "How do they get away with it? The Isle of Wight (Freemasonic) police force is one of the most corrupt in Britain and the main local media is controlled by the Freemasons."
Is David Icke right? Are there things that we just don’t know about the way that these Freemasons work. Could the Freemason society be used to cover up a murder or manslaughter for 15-16 years? Could there be police informants out there in the drug community who get involved?
I often wonder if we (the Nettles family) are up against more than just trying to identify Damien's potential killers. I often wonder if we will never be able to get to them, because of all the protection around them. I often wonder whether "something happened" to the people that really know what happened to Damien. I often wonder if the Freemasons would go to that extent in some pockets.
I am not saying that the Freemasons are bad, I think there are a lot Freemasons out there, and probably the majority, that use their status in this "club" for good, and for what it was intentionally created for. But I have always thought that whether it is Freemasonic or whether it is something else, there is just something we do not know about what happens on the Island. Its easy to not know or think about some of the things that go on when you just want to live your life. Its probably better not to know at some level to be honest. But regardless I think its important to start thinking about it.
Granted, cover-ups and corruption occur in every city, town, village and country in one way shape or form, but given the nature of the Islands size and the "everyone knows everyone" concept, perhaps it is easier to keep a murder or manslaughter quiet depending on "who you know".
I wish I could talk in detail about what I know and what I have heard, whether rumor or gossip or fact .... but I would not, for fear of sounding accusatory, so let me express my questions and thoughts in a semi theoretical way …
If you say you were out of the country at a certain time, and it can’t be proven either way, depending on who you know, perhaps you can convince people that you were away and couldnt have had anything to do with a crime?
If you are a police officer and you were on duty the night of a murder, or accidentally hit someone with your car and you knew the right people, maybe you would be covered and protected by those people who look after CCTV?
Maybe if you are in the drugs scene and you are also a police informant and you accidentally gave an overdose to a 16 year old boy and killed him, you would get help to bury the body?
If you were a rich pedophile who had secrets to keep that a 16 year old boy wanted to expose, maybe you had the power and contacts to "shut him up"?
Maybe you’re a drug dealer and a 16 year old boy was making noise about you or your business, maybe you had the contacts and associates to "teach him a lesson"?
I dunno ... the mind boggles and questions with the intriguing possibilities surrounding what happened to Damien ...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

All suspects released with no charges - Now what? By: Sarah Nettles

The Hampshire Constabulary released a statement today saying :
"A man arrested on suspicion of being involved in the possible murder of missing teenager Damien Nettles on the Isle of Wight was released from bail with no further action today (Sunday, June 10, 2012).
A 38-year-old man from Ryde, Isle of Wight answered a re-scheduled police bail appointment, and was questioned further by detectives from the Hampshire Major Investigation Team (HMIT). There was insufficient evidence to charge him with a criminal offence. No other suspects remain on police bail for Damien’s disappearance or possible murder at this time. Damien’s body has not been located. A total of eight people have been arrested and questioned on suspicion of being involved in the possible murder of Damien Nettles.
Senior investigating officer Superintendent Dave Powell said: “Our work to find out exactly what happened to Damien Nettles will be continuing. “Although we have not charged anyone with a criminal offence, it has been exceptionally important to investigate information passed to us by the local community, which led to these arrests.
“Murder cannot be ruled out at this time because such a wide range of information has been received about Damien’s disappearance since 1996. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Nettles family for their understanding and support throughout this investigation. Detectives have updated the family this week on the latest decisions in this case.“Hampshire Constabulary also appreciates the considerable co-operation and assistance of partner agencies, charities, businesses, the media and the public in maintaining awareness and encouraging new tangible leads."
The Nettles family would like to comment about this latest news.
“Although we truly appreciate the fact that since Senior investigating officer Superintendent Dave Powell took on Damien's case in 2010, we have achieved more than we have in nearly 16 years on the case from when Damien first went missing. We have to question, why it has taken this long to begin really investigating Damien's case so thoroughly. We cannot ever forget that 2010 was 14 years after Damien went missing. All those years have been totally wasted in what we could have achieved had this been done in the very beginning. All/most of these names were known or associated early on in the case, but not looked at until 14-16 years later when memories fade, other players are dead or brains been scrambled on chemicals!
We are grateful for all the current actions taken by senior investigating officer Superintendent Dave Powell, but now we need the support of the Police to begin looking into all of those leads where "insufficient evidence" exists. Which includes the fact that Damien may have been murdered and buried in Parkhurst forest.
Let us dig! Hampshire Constabulary needs to influence the UK Forestry Commission's decisions, and allow us to rule out the latest potential story about what happened to Damien. If we rule out one, then why can’t we rule them ALL out??" Please help us by signing the petition below so we can move forward with this SIMPLE request: