Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing it ourselves! By: Sarah Nettles

When any person goes missing, there is no clear user manual or guide that explains all the right things to find them. When their case suddenly becomes a murder inquiry, the lack of direction continues. This is not normal, and is not something anyone prepares to deal with. These days (compared to when Damien went missing), I think that there are a lot more controls in place and support in place from people who really know what they are doing. Alas, most of the support that one receives when you have a missing loved one/ murdered loved one ends up in the hands of people who are doing a job. Namely the police. When you are doing a job, you are prioritizing your work, you are assessing the value or Return on Investment for acting on a certain piece of information, you are doing what your boss wants you to do, or your bosses boss (etc), and you are constantly dealing with politics that influence the actions you take in your job. The Police, who working on Damien's case are dealing with all of the above. Damien is not their only case. Damien is not their priority at this point. They are just doing a job at the end of the day. So, when your missing loved one becomes a low priority, or when there is no return on investment for Police to use their resources and time to search for your loved one. What do you do?
You do it your damn self, is what you do!
Don’t get me wrong. There is so much that we as the family cannot do. We do not have even half the clout, resource or influence that the police should do in searching for Damien. But when Damien is de-prioritized, and the decision is made NOT to act on information they have that could potentially lead to the closure of Damien's case, then we, as the family, have to do everything in our power to take over and ensure that Damien is not overlooked.
We have a vested interested emotionally and physically and we do not connect any thoughts about Damien Nettles' search being non cost effective or that Damien's case is getting in the way of other priorities. We don’t think that way, because it is not a job to us, it is just the way it is, and Damien is priceless!
It is our priority, to ensure that Damien Nettles is not just swept under the carpet. It is our priority to ensure that Damien is not forgotten, and that no stone is left unturned. And it is continuously underestimated how much we intend on fighting for what we believe in. Since we have begun doing it ourselves and becoming empowered in Damien's case (and not being afraid anymore to speak up about what is and what is not happening on his case), and really talking control of a situation (or trying to - or at least exposing a situation), so much has happened. We have asked the police to do "x,y and z" for 16 years, and we are told, "no, no, no". And then, once we get enough attention, and once people really sit up and listen because we refuse to just go away and make their lives easier.... it’s amazing how quickly a lead or a long outstanding action is suddenly acted upon. So, using this theory of doing it ourselves and taking control of a situation that the folks in charge refuse to, I have created a Petition, which can be found here: We need YOUR help to get us noticed and to make our voices as loud as possible, so the importance of this can be made unquestionably clear. This Petition was created because we have information that leads us to believe that Damien Nettles is buried in Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. Based on this information, both the Hampshire Constabulary and the Forestry Commission refuse to allow our family and friends to dig the site in Parkhurst Forest at our own time and expense. The Hampshire Constabulary and the Forestry Commission have advised that anyone who goes to dig up the site in Parkhurst Forest will be arrested. Please help us to potentially find my brother by signing this petition so we can dig Parkhurst Forest. We need the Forestry Commission and the Hampshire Constabulary to take notice that this is an important request, whether the information is true or not. We will not know, until we dig!! Thank you so much for your help!!

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